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6 facts about marine collagen you need to know

Marine collagen is not new in the world of nutritional supplements at all. It has long been loved by women, men and even athletes who need their bodies to function without injury and at full speed. Do you know its greatest benefits, where does it come from and why is it easier for our body to digest? You can get answers to all these questions in our blog today.

It is environmentally friendly

As the name suggests, marine collagen comes from the sea, that is, from fish. But watch out, it is not obtained directly from their “meat”, quite the opposite. Marine collagen is found in fish skin, scales and bones. This means that these are parts of fish that would not be used in gastronomy and would therefore be disposed of. But this way they are very useful and there is no unnecessary waste produced. They serve as a nutritional supplement to preserve the beauty and health of the human body.

Our body absorbs it easily

In addition to the fact that the structure of marine collagen peptides is very similar to that of humans, its production helps our body to absorb this collagen much more easily. This is due to the hydrolysis process that marine collagen undergoes during “production”. How does this process work? Collagen from fish “breaks” into smaller parts, thanks to which it is not only more easily dissolved in water, but also our body can digest it much easier.

It brings benefits for beauty and health

You may have believed that collagen is just an unnecessary powder for women who do everything for their good look. Let us shed some light for you! Since collagen is the basic building block of our body and we lose it with age, it is very important to supplement it after 25 years of life. Its regular use will not only reward you with beautiful skin without wrinkles, shiny hair or strong nails, but it will also help you maintain a healthy sugar level, prevent joint or muscle pain, improve digestion, wound healing, and even reduce the likelihood of heart disease.

It contains all 3 types of collagen

Although the most common marine collagen is type I, with premium collagen products you will encounter complex contents of type I, II and III. Each of them will bring you a different benefit, but together they are literally a safety net for your body. While type I collagen will take care of beautiful skin, type II collagen will help your joints and bones, and type III collagen will give health to the intestines, muscles or blood vessels. Therefore, it is a great decision to look for such hydrolysed collagen, which contains all three types.

It works where the body needs it

The wonderful thing about marine collagen is that our body can transmit it precisely where it is needed the most. You may have opted for collagen because of more beautiful skin or, conversely, because of health problems, but you feel that there has been no improvement. Don’t worry, your body will use it in a fantastic way anyway! First, it delivers it to the places where it lacks it the most. Then collagen is supplemented there and only then body starts to work on further physical “corrections” using it. Regularity is also important, but with good marine collagen, you should feel the first effects after only 3 months of use.

It does not stink or taste like fish

Actually, not every single type. You will definitely find brands of marine collagen on the market that stink and taste like fish. That really is not a sign of quality. But don’t be discouraged. There are also products with marine collagen that have a neutral or added taste. What would you say to marine collagen powder with a juicy lemon flavour? The one unflavoured can be even mixed into fruit juice or a tasty smoothie, for example. The use of marine collagen should be a reward, not a punishment.

Have we been able to expand your knowledge of marine collagen? If you would like to try its great effects as well, reach for premium hydrolysed collagen from the ZEEN by Roal brand. Along with other vitamin supplements, you can find it on our ZEEN World e-shop.

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