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CBG oil + coenzyme Q10, 500 mg


  • ,,liquid gold” in the form of broad-spectrum CBG oil
  • proposed for oral hygiene care
  • care for the oral cavity and gums, cleanses the oral cavity
  • contains 500 mg of the active substance cannabigerol
  • enriched with MCT oil and coenzyme Q10
  • free from chlorophyll and extra purified
  • without gluten and genetically modified organisms
  • 10 ml pack with pipette
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Benefits of CBG drops

This unique hemp oil with added coenzyme Q10 and MCT oil brand ZEEN by Roal containing natural cannabigerol, which brings beneficial effects on the human body.

Cannabinoids can be used:

  • an active agent against bacteria associated with plaques in the oral cavity
  • have beneficial effects on the skin of the human body.

They help alleviate acne, psoriasis and various eczemas

  • Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) is an antioxidant that helps alleviate allergic reactions, protects cells from premature aging and toxins.
  • MCT oil is made from coconut oil, which has antifungal effects and relieves eczema on the skin. Coconut oil also contains active substances which, when reacted with enzymes, prevent the growth of bacteria causing tooth decay.

premium cannabis containing cannabinoids CBG, CBD, CBN, terpenes and flavonoids, cold-pressed, microfiltered, solvent-free, processed according to ethanol extraction, ISO certified

Add 2 drops to the oral cavity, gently roll in the mouth anymore. Do not swallow. Apply once a day.

Store in a dry place at a constant temperature, protect from moisture, heat and direct sunlight. Keep at a temperature of up to 23 after opening.

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