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The 5 most important answers to CBG questions you need to know

CBG has been more talked about in recent months than ever before. Have you caught the hot news too, but still have unanswered questions swirling around your head? We won’t leave you hanging! We’ve prepared answers to the 5 most common questions about CBG.

Question 1: Why is CBG so popular?

Because it’s great! But we should probably be a little more specific. CBG is a natural substance that is extracted from hemp. It is classified as a cannabinoid and its greatest charm is that it has a very positive effect on the human endocannabinoid system. This keeps our body in balance, so that it can cope more easily with a variety of health, but also psychological, problem.

Question 2: Is CBG a psychotropic substance?

Although CBG is extracted from cannabis, it doesn’t get you high like smoking marijuana. This is because the ‘joint’ introduces THC into the body, which has a narcotic effect and can mess with your mind in an unpleasant way. With CBG you are not in danger of these conditions;it is not a psychotropic substance, so you do not have to worry about any unpleasant or illegal effects.

Question 3: Who is CBG for?

CBG products can be taken by women and men of almost every age who are trying to solve their health problem in natural way. And not only that. CBG is also very helpful for those who don’t need address anything in particular. In fact, it can boost the body’s defences, improve the quality of sleep, or just simply relax the body and mind. However, in case of pregnant women, young children or people with a serious diagnosis, we definitely recommend to consult a doctor.

Question 4: What health problem can it cope with?

CBG properties can cope with a number of physical or mental ailments. Its positive effects can be used for inflammatory bowel diseases, to fight bacterial infections or eczema or psoriasis.

CBG has also proved to be very effective in treating glaucoma, helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease or suppressing the symptoms of Huntington’s disease, which causes degeneration of brain cells.

What’s most amazing about CBG, however, is that it can significantly help in the treatment of cancer. This is because it slows down the growth of cancer cells, so it prevents further metastasis. Great, right?

Question 5: Which type of CBG product to choose?

Choosing the right CBG product depends on many factors. What do you want it to solve? How strong concentration do you need? Which form of use do you find most enjoyable? The most versatile product is CBG oils, which can be taken internally or rubbed on surface wounds or various skin problems.

In case the specific taste of CBG oils bothers you, you can reach for Hemp Ash with CBG. It’s a fine powder that you can add to your smoothie, tea or juice. Since it also contains CBG, you’ll get all its effects, but in the form of your favourite drink.

If you’d like to try CBG in your skincare routine, be sure to choose the Regenerating Balms with CBG form. They have a wide range of uses and will help you for example with burns, bruises, eczema or other skin problem.

So, are you clear on CBG yet? In case you would like to try CBG products from ZEEN by Roal for yourself, you will find them exclusively in dm drogeriestores.

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