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How can collagen help you prepare for the swimsuit season?

The sun starts to really glare down, and that means only one thing. That lying on the beach or by the pool is unstoppably approaching! Did you know that using marine collagen can make you look great in a swimsuit? Just read our blog today to learn more.

It hydrates dry skin

Dry skin bothers many people in the summer. Hot weather dehydrates the skin and a pool full of chlorine or salt sea water does not help it much. So how do you avoid excessive drying of the skin and subsequent cracks or flakes.

Start taking hydrolysed collagen before the start of the summer. It hydrates the skin, which means that it provides your skin with the necessary moisture and helps it overcome this period, which is actually unpleasant for the skin. Hydrolysed collagen relieves the skin not only of dryness, but also of the subsequent formation of wrinkles that is associated with it. After all, no one wants to look like prune in a swimsuit!

It replenishes collagen destroyed by UV radiation

We lose collagen in the body with age. Well, do you know what is wrecking it in your body at a really dizzying rate? UV radiation. This enters a layer of skin called suede and causes abnormal accumulation of elastin, which results in the formation of enzymes that subsequently destroy collagen.

Of course, we can’t avoid the sun in the summer, but in addition to high-quality sunscreen and a parasol, you should also reach for high-quality collagen powder. This will help you replenish the dose of collagen that you have lost due to the strong sunlight, and your skin will not experience such a considerable deficit.

It alleviates the symptoms of cellulite

Nearly every woman suffers from cellulite in the form of orange-peel skin. But its manifestations can be wonderfully alleviated thanks to marine collagen. How does it work?

Very easily. Cellulite is formed by pushing fat clumps on the surface of the skin in such a way that its surface becomes bumpy. However, when the skin is strong enough, this fat cannot “push through” and become visible. Collagen helps strengthen the connective tissue of the skin, so cellulite fat has no chance of reaching the light of day.

It prevents the formation of stretch marks

Stretch marks are formed when we literally cannot “fit in the skin”. We simply gain weight too quickly, become bigger, or have one extra little person to fit into our body. The skin tightens until it finally relaxes, creating first red and later white scars.

Can collagen rid you of existing stretch marks? Probably not completely, but it can perfectly prevent the creation of new ones. Regular use of collagen powder increases the elasticity of the skin, so it can be easily stressed and will not crack. Therefore, it is ideal to use collagen before pregnancy, gaining muscle mass or even before placing breast implants.

You will get rid of extra pounds

Many people try to lose weight before the start of the summer to look fit in a swimsuit. Who wouldn’t like to have a figure like from a journal? If you need help with this as well, try including marine collagen in your diet. But don’t expect extra pounds to evaporate on their own. Collagen will only help you keep your appetites under control, which often leads to weight gain.

Because collagen is a protein, as with other protein species, it can induce a feeling of fullness. So, after a meal you will feel fuller and you will not overeat unnecessarily. In addition, collagen can suppress appetite, so you can definitely forget about raiding the refrigerator in the night.Prepare your body for the swimsuit season as it should be thanks to the premium marine collagen of the ZEEN by Roal brand. Just shop online in our ZEEN World e-shop and you will experience beauty and health without compromising on your own skin.

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