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Pure collagen is not enough! We know how to get the most out of its effects

A woman who hasn’t tried a collagen supplement yet, it’s as if she doesn’t exist. But there’s no such thing as collagen. Did you know that every brand of collagen is different? We’ll tell you how to choose from the huge variety. It’s really easy, because all you have to do is check the product packaging and see what’s in it.

Why is collagen great?

A lot has already been written about collagen. And we’re not surprised! This amazing substance is a natural part of our body and forms the basis of tissues. Unfortunately, our body loses collagen with age. This results in the first wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and even various diseases.

It is enough to take collagen powder regularly and in just 3 months you will feel the first differences. Your skin will tighten, your nails will stop breaking and your hair will shine like never before. Even for aching joints or for the prevention ofosteoporosis, you can rely on sea collagen.

Does this not seem enough to you? Then this will definitely get you. Collagen can support your immunity through improving the quality of your digestive system. A large percentage of our immunity is dependent on digestion, which is why regular collagen supplementation will help your body dealwith viruses or bacteria.

How to get the most out of collagen supplements?

Sure, collagen itself is really great. But why not use every last drop of it? All you have to do is look for collagen supplements with the addition of other substances. Do want to know which ones they are and why they work? Just read on.

Vitamin C

Fact, that vitamin C is the king of all vitamins is probably obvious to you. It’s a powerful antioxidant that we supplement for various ailments whether in the form of supplements or directly from fruits and vegetables. But honestly, who eats so many fruits containing it these days so it’s even worth mentioning.

Vitamin C is really important to supplement especially when taking collagen. It is thanks to vitamin C that it is naturally produced in our body. In case we supplement collagen in powder form, this vitamin is perfectly absorbed. What does this mean? That collagen without vitamin C content or supplementation is basically useless.

Hyaluronic acid

Do you takehydrolysed collagen in order to get firmer and more beautiful skin? Well, in that case, your collagen shouldn’t lack hyaluronic acid. It is great for hydrating and smoothing the skin or even fine lines and wrinkles. What’s more, it can also deal with various skin inflammations.

Some studies have even shown that hyaluronic acid in combination with conventional treatments can help with joint or bone problems. Together with collagen, it is thus another warrior on the road to your beauty and health.


The last important ingredient in collagen supplements is zinc. Like sea collagen, it helps immunity. It is involved in the maturation of white blood cells, which fight viruses and bacteria in our body. 

It is also important to mention that, like sea collagen, it helps prevent osteoporosis and can also help the skin recover from minor injuries such as acne. It would simply be a sin not to add it to collagen!

A little tip for the end: Milligrams matter too

In order to guide you to the right kind of collagen, we need to mention the importance of the amount of collagen in your daily dose. Always check the milligrams. If the number revolves around 6,000 mg, you’ve won! Why this amount?

If you were to take collagen powder, which contains less of it, there wouldn’t be enough for your entire body. This means that its effects would only kick in after a really long time. If at all. On the contrary, if you were to take more of it, your body would simply expel it. And that’s like flushing money down the toilet.

So, now you know how to choose the collagen that really works. So you don’t have to waste time looking for it, simply click on ZEEN WORLD and choose a premium sea collagen with all the extra ingredients you need. Your elixir of youth and beauty is waiting for you!

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